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AliDropship honest review - Best Dropship Software, Coupon Code Inside

Software Review MAKE MONEY ONLINE Online Business 9 min read

AliDropship honest review - Best Dropship Software, Coupon Code Inside

AliDropship honest review
AliDropship honest review


AliDropship honest review


I have been working on creating a website for the dropshipping business. I am still working on it. But, I wanted to show you what I am doing and what you can also do for your online business, earn some income online.

Well, I have a baby which is I have to be with her till she is grown up. So, I tried to work as a freelancer, but it was not easy to get a long term job. So, I started to build sites for e-commerce sites, drop shipping and selling on eBay and Amazon.

In this video, I am going to show you which Dropshipping plugin I am using.

I use the AliDropship plugin. I heard about this plugin from the drop shipping expert paid tutorial videos. Not only this guy, but I often heard that this AliDropship plugin really works on updating prices automatically and easy to add products from AliExpress website.

So, I decided to invest this plugin since the price is about right, and no recurring payment to it. I will talk about the coupon code a little later.

Now, I am going to show you how the AliDropship plugin works.

This is my WordPress website to test my AliDropship plugin. As you can see, I made front end design and already added some products in separate categories.

On the shop page, you will find a bunch of products added. Let me open one of the products to show you inside. Of course, I used only the Alidropship one simple plugin to uploaded all variations and information.

You can see the gallery, different styles, right category, Description, additional information, and review. The review is also from the AliExpress site.

And, there is one small green button on the left side. It is for the website admin to edit title, permalink, make this product publish or not, and adding category. So I don't have to go to the backend site to edit them. So, convenient.

Inside of the review, some of the users added their images. These are real reviews.

I will show you the backend of the site.

On top of the menu, you will find the orange color banner with AliDropship Woo. Once you click it, after adding your license key, everything will be unlocked to use.

Inside of the Settings, you will see the Order Fulfilment. Once your customers order your product, AliDropship will automatically fill out the message and phone number to the AliExpress seller,

AliDropship Setting
AliDropship honest review Photographer: Helloquence | Source: Unsplash

Product Images

You can choose either Delete all product images when remove products or not.

Also, AliDropship will follow up the shipping process.

Not only that, you can add AliExpress cashback so that you can earn some more extra.

The most fun part is to set up the price for each product. You can add the price to a double, triple or more. And, adding plus or multiply by any number you want. I usually do from original price times 3 and plus 3 for shipping. And, I offer free shipping with a discount code to customers.


I only use Dollar, if you add other currencies, you can do so here.


This is what AliDropsip makes the most powerful and the reason I chose to use. I can choose any product categories to update the prices. When the product is sold out, my website will also update to the sold out. You can click the NOTIFY ME to receive an email when anything changes on your inventory.

AliExpress site prices are often changing, and some of the new products I added yesterday are already sold out. You will not need to worry anymore to lose your customers because AliExpress products prices changed to higher, but your website did not update. It happens all the time to the Dropship owner.

I was hesitated to start the dropshipping business because of the price update reason. But, now it's solved.

When you are done with these important setups, you are ready to find the products and import them to your website. There are two different ways you can add products.

The new feature AliDropship team added is the "Import Product" section.

But, I will show you manually adding products first and shortcut a little later because you will need these two methods to add more products anyways.

1) Download AliDropship Chrome Extension. If you use another browser, this is the time you should use the Google Chrome.

Chrome Extension
AliDropship honest review - Photographer: lalo Hernandez | Source: Unsplash

Once you add the extension, you can log in to your WordPress site again through the Google extension. And, you will start to see your website name and product categories.

Find your products first and click the gear button to customize your shipping methods. I always click to hide none E-packet because e-packet is the fastest and cheapest to ship to the United States. You can click to import all products once or click edit button to customize listing. I always click to EDIT to delete sellers information. And, sellers often mention their company, factory, and their new products. Often times, they add all different keywords into the title for the research result. So, most of their titles are not understandable.

You can click this circle Alidropship icon to import immediately. Or click the product to edit and check.

I usually check the positive store percentage and product reviews. When it's higher than 95%, it's a pass.

Now I click the EDIT button to start to edit anything I want.

First is the title, choosing a category, editing description. When it seems all fine to me, I click to publish the product.

When I go back to my site to refresh, the product has added successfully immediately.

This is a manual way to add your product. Now, let me show you the shortcut.

You can straight to use your site dashboard to add your product keyword. And, AliDropship will find the best selling products with the most trusted sellers' lists.

And, you simply choose your product category to add these products. This feature is a huge time saver, so I purchased their 1000 credits to add products after using all 50 free credits. When you purchase 1000 credits will get 500 free bonus credits. So, I got a total of 1500 credits to add 1500 products.

AliDropship new feature
AliDropship honest review - Photographer: Adam Wilson | Source: Unsplash

But, still, this feature is a beta version which is all products will not be available to list. AliDropship team is actually choosing the product and edit each one of the lists manually. Even though they have 49,000 products in their data, if you are selling some rear products will not be found. So, I have to go to the Aliexpress site to add products manually. But, I still purchased the credits because to add just 1 product to my site takes about 2~5 minutes. Can you imagine how long it will take to add 100 products? Or 1000 products? I don't think I will have time to cook or sleep. If you choose the seasonal products, you may want to start to add products at least three months earlier.

Adding products, set up Facebook ads, set up Google ads, some PBN sites, etc.

Do you remember I mentioned I have a baby? Right, my priority should be a baby and as a wife. But, why not using only the shortcut, this new awesome feature only? I could see so many expert online business owners are using the AliDropship; they will use the same AliDropship data to import the same products. That means more competitions. So, the manual and this new shortcut need both. And I guess you might think the same way.

Now, let me show you how to bring the real reviews.

Real  Reviews
AliDropship honest review - Photographer: You X Ventures | Source: Unsplash

Under import, there is an "Import Reviews."

You can select either to bring only 5 stars or choose another one. And, select how many reviews you want to add, Choose all categories or a specific one. There is an option to add only with images or not. And, translated into English or another language.

AliDropship plugin is very simple and organized; a newbie like me will instantly understand the plugin.

Once your customers purchase your products, your website will email you and your Paypal or Stripe account will email you that you received the payment.

You can go back to the backend of the website and click "Place order automatically." This button will redirect to the checkout page with already added your message to seller, shipping, and billing information. All you need is just confirm it.

When the product is shipped out, you and your customers will receive an information email.

And, your customer will be able to check the status of their package location on your website inside of the users' members area if it's available on AliExpress site.

AliDropship Power of automation
AliDropship Power of automation/ Photographer: Franck V. | Source: Unsplash

I think I did talk about almost everything about the AliDropship. If you are not familiar with WordPress and WooCommerce will be a little confused and have a lot of questions. But don't worry. You will learn it quickly. I will make more detail videos later. WordPress and WooCommerce are free ones. So, you do not have to spend a lot of money building a site.

AliDropship Services
AliDropship Services - Photographer: Patrick Tomasso | Source: Unsplash

Or, you can choose the AliDropship website service. They offer the hosting service, WordPress theme, and website building service, including adding some number of products.

If I don't know anything about WordPress and not enough time to build, I will choose their service. They do all the hard work for you.

I don't recommend to add all different niche products on one website if you use the shared or cheap hosting service. I used one cheaper shared hosting, they said I could get unlimited everything, but my sites were down all the time because AliDropship uses my website server. That means you will need a stable hosting to run the AliDropship plugin for the automatic prices update and bulk import products. I am now testing on one of the shared hosting services. I don't feel my website is too heavy to run. I am trying to make the site to be lightweight, no fancy animations on it. And, Image optimization plugin is must have. Check my another video ShortPixel. This is a really good one; I use this one.

The reason I am using WordPress because I can customize the design, easy to find adding some premium features both paid or free ones. WordPress is a blog site which I can create my posts using third-party software for backlinks. I use the StoryChief to write the article and post them all over my other WordPress sites (It calls PBN sites) and all different Social Media accounts. It helps to promote something.

Here are some coupon codes you can use for buying

AliDropship Plugin: STARTER15 or woo25
AliDropship Custom Store: CUSTOM10
Products import: BID25

I really hope you enjoyed watching my AliDropship honest review video. I could find many short introducing videos, so I wanted to talk about more depth about this one.

In the next video, I will keep talking about the Dropshipping business, both pro and cons. Everything is my personal experience. Please make sure subscribe to my channel, so you don't miss any of my new videos coming.



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AliDropship honest review

AliDropship honest review