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Droplr review, make a screenshot, and share with your clients immediately.

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Droplr review, make a screenshot, and share with your clients immediately.

Droplr review
Droplr review

Do you have your clients that need to share your files and images instantly? Then, you want to check the deal for today.

I make software review videos by using the Camtasia lifetime deal software. I make a lot of screenshots and add these images to my videos. I also share these images with my video viewers. It's so convenient to share your screenshots with others if you use Droplr.

Make a screenshot, the unique URL will be generated, and share it. Simple!

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All these processes will be done immediately.

Droplr review
Droplr review

-When you launch a screen recording from the chrome app, you have the option to record your face

-mp4 recordings can be up to 1hr

You can also use 3rd party integrations.

blog site owners
blog site owners- Photographer: Andrew Neel | Source: Unsplash

If you are a blog site owners, you will need Droplr. Why?

Sometimes you want to make your images load faster. One of the ways you can do is using another server instead of yours for images and files. Of course, you can use Droplr to load your images and files at your websites.

The best part of the Droplr is you can make folders inside of the Droplr dashboard and share them all at once to your clients and anywhere you want. Moreover, you can generate the password and expiration date of your sharing files.

Another stunning Droplr feature, you can make a screenshot first and draw forms such as circle, rectangular, arrow, and more to send a thorough message.

+Skip the wordy emails with annotated screenshots and screencasts that help you explain complex processes and report bugs faster
+Transfer up to 10 GB of files at supersonic speeds with simple drag-and-drop options
+Share your files with customized shortened links that use your company’s name and logo
+Best for: Designers, support reps, agencies, and remote workers looking to collaborate smarter

With the lifetime deal, you will get, Lifetime access to Droplr's Pro Plan




**Capture screenshots and screencasts


**Receive a file from client up to 10 GB

**All future plan updates

**Stack up to 5 codes

**60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason

Stack up to 5 codes?

You don't need to purchase all 5 codes. The only one code will be fine.

One code, you will get 5 TB storage and up to 10 users.

If you get all 5 codes, you will get unlimited storage + up to 50 users.

(Other users can be used your login dashboard and share)

If you have concerned about the Droplr security, please read below.

1. Data is encrypted in transit via SSL. Any backups are encrypted and deleted after a set period of time.

2. All data is stored in AWS in the us-west-2 region (Oregon).

1. Data is encrypted in transit via SSL. Any backups are encrypted and deleted after a set period of time.

2. All data is stored in AWS in the us-west-2 region (Oregon).

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Data Hosting and Storage

Droplr services and data are hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) facilities (us-west-2) in the USA.

Failover and Disaster Recovery

Droplr was built with disaster recovery in mind. All of our infrastructure are spread across 3 AWS availability zones and will continue to work should any one of those data centers fail.

Virtual Private Cloud

All of our servers are within our own virtual private cloud (VPC) with network access control lists (ACLs) that prevent unauthorized requests getting to our internal network.

Back Ups and Monitoring

Droplr makes snapshot-based backups of datastores that contain customer and drops data. Backups are stored in at least two geographically separated locations. We produce audit logs for all activity and use ELK stack and Google BigQuery for log and abuse analysis. AWS S3 is used for archival purposes.

Permissions and Authentication

Access to customer data is limited to authorized employees who require it for their job.

Droplr is served over https and runs a zero-trust corporate network. There are no corporate resources or additional privileges from being on Droplr's network.


All data sent to or from Droplr is encrypted in transit using 256 bit encryption.

Our API and application endpoints are TLS/SSL and score an “A” rating on Qualys SSL Labs‘ tests. This means we only use strong cipher suites.

Incident Response

Droplr implements a protocol for handling security events which includes escalation procedures, rapid mitigation and post mortem. All employees are informed of our policies.

You can visit the security page to check more information

I found information at here

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