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AliExpress DropShipping Automation, my review no.1

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AliExpress DropShipping Automation, my review no.1

AliExpress DropShipping Automation
AliExpress DropShipping Automation - Photographer: Blake Wisz | Source: Unsplash

Wonderful plugin's found! Are you a drop shipper?

Then, you really want to check this out!

(Before I make a review video, I wanted to share with you this powerful Drop ship automation plugin quicker)

AliExpress DropShipping Automation
Excited - Photographer: Japheth Mast | Source: Unsplash

I found this plugin from watching another drop shipping expert private videos. They are using this WordPress Plugin for their automation drop shipping sales!


What is drop shipping by the way?

1) You build your website by using WordPress or other platforms

2) Find your niche products from other bigger websites

3) Add products on your sites

4) When you make sales, buy these products where you brought the products from

5) Deliver it to your customer

So, basically, when you make sales, you purchase the same products from other sites and set the shipping address to your customer's.

You may ask if you don't know how to build your WordPress sites, or you are running of time?

Busy Life
Busy Life? - Photographer: Catherine Heath | Source: Unsplash

ALI-DROPSHIP will make a site for you. There is a service fee, but they will do all the complex works.

Why WordPress?

I have so many experiences in SEO and website building software. WordPress seems a complicating platform because you will need plugins to add some fancy featuring to your website. And, you must update the plugins to the latest version to make sure to void hackers entering your website admin dashboard.

But, still, the Wordpress is the top Management system.

The main reason I am using WordPress is the blog.

The blog is not just sharing news or diary. It builds backlinks which is more easy chance to view to people. To rank on Google, Bing, and Yahoo is better.

I always use the software, "My Traffic Jacker" to find the expired domain names, and make PBN sites. Of course, PBN sites are all WordPress.

"My Traffic Jacker"

I also use the StoryChief software to write an article and post it to all my PBN sites and social media accounts.


That's my daily job.

daily job
daily job - Photographer: RU Recovery Ministries | Source: Unsplash


-ALI-DROPSHIP uses AliExpress site to do a dropship

-ALI-DROPSHIP does all automatically. I mean they provide the filters to find your niche products.

-One click to add that product on your website

-PRICING AUTOMATION, this feature is the best.

This plugin will automatically follow up the prices and when the item is sold out, your item quantity will go zero. Yes, everything will work automatically.

-When any customers buy products from you? You click one button inside of your admin dashboard to add customers shipping information on AliExpress site

AliExpress? What is that?

AliExpress is an E-commerce site and one of the biggest sites worldwide can do a dropship.

Ok, but most of the products are from China? Can you trust it? What about the shipping? What about the invoices?

Inside of the AliExpress platform, you can check customers feedback and purchase history. You can easily filter that way to find better suppliers.

Moreover, AliExpress has a shipping option calls ePacket. ePacket is the fastest and cheapest shipping option for USA customers.

I purchased some products for testing it myself. I, of course, added a note to the seller not to add invoice and promotional material.

It took me about 2 weeks to get the product and arrived with great condition.

Additionally, Ali-Dropship offers the ePacket Shipping Filter.

Some AliExpress sellers do not offer ePacket shipping service. So, this ePacket filter option is a shortcut to find the right suppliers for you.

To me, Ali-Dropship plugin does everything essential.

I always thought to have time for me to find the developer to build this similar plugin or software. But, I guess I am a bit late :)

In the next few days, I am going to make review videos. I don't think I can show you everything in one video. I will make some series for the dropship methods and the plugins I use for eCommerce sites.

Ali-Dropship will be the main and the most important plugin amongst for all.

Not only that you will find a FREE ebook at the Ali-Dropship site.


Make sure to download it and read to learn great tactics.

If you want to check out Ali-Dropship quicker! Click Here!

AliExpress DropShipping Automation

AliExpress DropShipping Automation
AliExpress DropShipping Automation
AliExpress DropShipping Automation

AliExpress DropShipping Automation

AliExpress DropShipping Automation DROPSHIP DROP SHIP