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Amazon FBA fees, Why is it so important?

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Amazon FBA fees? Yes, you must consider what is the fee to pay for your Amazon FBA business.

Amazon FBA fees
Amazon FBA fees

Why is important to know?

The reason you must consider the fee is that it's higher than you expect. The simple calculation for the cost is almost 40% of your profits you make from the Amazon selling.

We always ship all products to our location first and inspect them and send them to the Amazon warehouse,


Product price + Shipping cost to our warehouse + Attache Barcode to each item + ship them to Amazon warehouse (1,2, or 3 different locations) + Amazon warehouse fee + Amazon pro fee + And when we make any sales, we have to pay for the Amazon fee.

Yes, it seems a lot. So, without the calculation, you will lose your money.

So, for calculating your Amazon selling fees per each product you sell, you can use one of the free Chrome extensions, "FBA Calculator for Amazon."

Amazon FBA fees article

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We merely Googled it to found it. There are tons of different ones you can try to use them.

In the next article, we will focus on giving more information about the software for calculating your Amazon FBA fees because it's not easy to figure it out the accurate numbers.

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Amazon FBA fees